Mobile Mesh


We are developing an integrated system we call MWL (Mobile WAN/LAN) that creates both a wide area network and local area networking for your van, truck or boat. In simple terms this means local area wi-fi internet for you all over the campsite, and remote monitoring of you vehicle when you are out and about. You can connect laptops, tablets and other devices both wirelessly and over ethernet. MWL is ideal for remote working, Netflix, or just plain old web browsing.

Voice and Phone App control

You can connect up to 10 phones to share the wi-fi and, if you give them permissions, any of those phones can control smart features like switching lights on and off, controlling LED colour light shows, and any home automation feature. You also have voice control from Amazon Echo using Alexa digital assistant or Google Home Google Assistant.

Remote Alarm

Suppose you're out for a hike, miles from where you parked, and someone breaks into your vehicle. Our system sends you intruder notification by SMS to your phone. If you have another, independent internet connection on your cell phone you can see the thieves in real time.


The system is fully modular so maintenance is simplified. If a component fails you plug in a new one.

  • 360 degree camera coverage
  • Intruder notification by SMS to your phone
  • monitor your battery, water, and lights from your cell phone
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Dashcam recording
Security Systems

If you are stealth camping or boondocking in a remote location imagine the peace of mind, when you hear sounds in the middle of the night, of being able to see the threat on your CCTV you can react with triggerable sirens and floodlights.


Of course, all mobile internet is at the mercy of your local cell tower coverage but MWL optimises the connection using MIMO. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) is a wireless communication technology that uses multiple transmitter and receiver antennas to increase the capacity of a radio link.